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    5-11yr olds imagine the future of the internet for Cisco.

    How do you help a brand that powers the internet to tell the story of the a future where billions of things, people and processes are online and smarter than every before? By tasking a group of plucky 5-11yr olds with imagining the possibilities from their own view- point. After all this is the very generation that'll grow up in the midst of this time of exciting technological change.

    I worked with the talented team at Chime to take this from concept to final digital content, including seeding. The resulting concepts, from a 'Sibling Detector' to an 'Internet Connected Bike Helmet', range from genius to downright bizarre, whilst the interactions between the children and the Cisco UK&I CEO Phil Smith during the presentations are priceless.

    The video also garnered positive attention from members of the marketing community.

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