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    Cisco: "Inner Geek"

    How do you re-engage a technology giant's core audiences via its social channels and pick up industry recognition (Winner: The Drum Social Buzz Awards '16 "Best B2B Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign", Highly Commended: Brand Republic Digital Media Awards '16 "Highly Commended" in "B2B") along the way?

    It was a privilege to work with the talented team at Chime to develop an engaging, fun, and above all, human online tone of voice. Needless to say this was a huge undertaking and it was made a whole lot easier being surrounded by such a cohesive and exceptional team of individuals. Audience research allowed a greater understanding of key topics and themes that we could use to connect with them on a more human level. Not just what they like from a business perspective, but what they connect with culturally, socially and through popular culture. Elements they were sharing and interacting with across their own social channels already.

    We learned that by tapping into this “inner geek” side to the audience that our research uncovered, we could amuse and entertain as well as inform both inspirationally and - vitally for the business - commercially.

    Once the new tone of voice was established, a fresh regime of original content and social media activities ensued. Output that was fundamentally designed to delight the audience. This manifested as everything from regular tech film quizzes to Star Wars-based channel takeovers to Back To The Future day, not to mention becoming one of the most successful contributors to World Book Day online with the #RuinABookWithTech challenge.

    The result? Once we were nailing the human-centric content and tone, the commercial engagement increased as well. Far beyond early estimates, in fact this renewed approach to social media and digital content increased engagement in commercial campaigns by 900%.

    We'd earned the right to talk shop on occasion, by adding culturally relevant value every day. And when we did, the audience cared helping to facilitate fresh sales conversations with a variety of new customers.

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