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    Left Out: Viral Art Stunt

    What would you do if you saw a figure wrapped in a bin-bag, hunched over in the street? Left Out explores what happens when the public is faced with an unexpected experience on the streets of london.

    The resulting film and syndicated footage has been a major hit online (in 4 languages) with over 40,000 views of the original, over 40 million views and 148k shares (100% organic) and counting of the footage.

    These figures grow daily and span both the original film and its numerous syndicated edits and write-ups on media sites such as The Evening Standard, Huffington Post Germany, NowThis Media, Playground, Upworthy and Business Insider, as well as a double page spread in the UK’s iconic Big Issue magazine.

    The background: I collaborated with conceptual artist Maxwell Rushton to bring his homelessness-inspired sculpture ‘Left Out’ to life through a real-life unscripted stunt/social experiment on the streets of london. The output was a 6 minute mini-documentary capturing the public reactions and telling the story behind the sculpture. The project has continued to gain momentum from there.

    Responsibilities: Co-producing the stunt and the writing, filming, edit, and direction of the
    film. Liaising with media sites post-launch to enable syndication of content.


    Original film on Facebook:


    View the syndicated films below:

    Further footage was translated  into Spanish, Brazilian, Chinese & German versions



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