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    Mi-IDEA – “TIM” The Drone

    The challenge: Create a digital asset that builds excitement for a new start-up innovation centre in the heart of Manchester's tech innovation district. This asset must also serve as a suitable media asset to support traditional PR outreach. Oh, and the centre doesn't have any windows yet. Or doors. Ok, ok, so it's a building site. No problem. The answer was a POV video from the eyes of a sentient drone, called "TIM". The area the centre will call home is at the heart of the burgeoning technology scene in Manchester. This offered a host of key facts and stats from the area (as well as the forthcoming centre itself ), to bring to life through motion design. These were neatly teamed with the newly established Cisco UKI tone of voice and the type of Heads Up Display (HUD) visuals beloved by sci-fi and movie lovers the world over. I worked with the talented team at Chime to make this project a reality. It was a heap of fun and the result is an exciting and tongue-in-cheek ride-along for viewers looking to explore what makes Manchester's tech scene and the work Cisco is doing there so exciting.

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